“Music is my life, it is a part of me.”


Camille has studied music most of her life, and while she didn’t always see it becoming her path, her love for it eventually became too hard to deny.


“I had a period where I was really sad, suffering with depression, just in a bad place. At the time, I was only playing classical music. During music school, I would cry after the lecture because I was not a good student. One day, I started to play on my piano, not classical music, but other songs, and I realized that it was my music. Classical music is good, but you need to find your own way to be happy.”


She said that one quote that inspired her to continue on this path was Confucius when he said: “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” In the past, she thought that perhaps she would become a mathematics teacher, until she realized that she needed to devote her one life to doing something she loved.



Discovering her personal musical abilities lead her to explore it in new ways. She is now pursuing a masters of research in music. Specifically, she is focusing on babies’ music language, and proving their understanding at a young age. She piano, guitar, sings, and composes her own songs as well. Learning to connect with the power of music to heal has lead it to become a sort of therapy when going through hard times.


“Everyone has different tools to express their feelings. Some people will run if they’re upset, they just have to run. Me, when I am unhappy I need to play music.”


She has also found ways to use her music for good by playing for children in hospitals. Calling it the most rewarding ways to give back, she recognizes how much helping others has helped her as well. 


“A lot of children are sick and in the hospital for a long time. When you play music you can start to see them smile. Sometimes you arrive and they are crying, and when you play they stop. It is a really great experience. It sounds selfish to say, but to go to the hospital and give myself, to do something for other people, and it helps you to be better. It is good for them but it is also good for you.”


She tailors the music to different age groups and emotions. If they are babies, she comes prepared with lullabies, and can play a myriad of songs for older kids. Sometimes they ask her to play something of her choice, and she is able to share her own compositions. It is not always smiles though.


“Sometimes it is really difficult. One day I came to the hospital and it was the last day for a child. He had a tumor and it was the end... They asked me if I wanted to play, and I didn’t want to say no. I didn't want that for the parents and it was really difficult. When I came back to my home I was just so sad. I realized that at least I gave something. It is difficult for me, but it is more difficult for the parents. If you can give just a little moment for them to have, that is really good.”



Q: Is it the music or the lyrics that inspire you more?

A: I am drawn more to the melodies and the rhythm. I think you don’t need lyrics in music to touch people. Sometimes I don’t even listen to the lyrics, like when I don’t understand them in English. I just listen to the music, and I can feel the emotion. Last year I was in Ireland for a year and we were in really different people with different origins. We played music together and the French, the Irish, the Spanish all mixed. Sometimes it was a little weird, but it was still so cool!”


Q: What power does music have in promoting positivity?

It shows in certain ways. Like with Jay Shetty. He gives a real message: to be positive and see the world through positive eyes. We all need to see the world like this! To enjoy it. Every moment. 

There is music in the background while he speaks, and there is such a link. Everytime he says something important, the music connects. After the video, you feel have to think about what he has said. There is an impact on people.


Camille has begun to share some of her songs online, including within the Army for Change and on Boomcast. Look out for more inspiring music coming soon!