Perry Flash Fong is an artist creating “geometry in the abstract sense”. His work consists of tactile layers of colored shapes coming to life in ever evolving ways. Unhappy with the abstracted images of contemporary art in school, he built his own unique style of geometric shapes, patterns, and meticulously organized chaos. His vibrant personality juxtaposes his dedicated work ethic and this contrast is visible in what he produces. His personality is mirrored with bursts of color intermingling with clean lines.


He got his start in San Francisco, but recently relocated to New York City to pursue his art further.


San Francisco will always be home. I’d say Brooklyn is its cousin. There is plenty of small shops, art galleries, restaurants that remind me of Fillmore Street or the Mission. So far Brooklyn is my favorite place to explore and hang out in.


The transition to NYC has been exciting. From the movement of people, the hustle of the city, the lively colors of the neighborhoods, NYC emits an energy unlike any other. It demands you to either hop on the train and go with the flow or slow down and absorb. It is a full spectrum city allowing any personality the option to experience the city as they please to.

Photo    courtesy of   Jenna Alcala

Photo  courtesy of Jenna Alcala

While his distinct style is better appreciated in person, he uses social media to share his work as well as highlights from his day. It provides a way for him to allow people to see into his life, inspirations, and even his techniques when he posts “progress shots or timelapses showing the process and that allows me to share some of the secrets.” He realizes the power communicating creativity like this can have.


Art has the power to change the world. A painting can progress the way people see aesthetically. It can be the hinge or catalyst that sets an ongoing movement. I hope that my art provides people a new perspective and appreciation for abstract geometrics. I want the viewer to be intrigued at first and eventually left with a growth in understanding visually. If any of these are reached than I have succeeded in contributing as an artist.

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