Boomcast username: A.M._w/SimoneIman

“It is time to see less fake and pretentious living” Simone said to me at the start of our call. “I want to see more authentic people with dreams and aspirations, and that’s what I love about your app.”

Simone found Boomcast by searching for a podcasting platform in the app store. As we saw her inspiring posts grow, we reached out to her in an effort to learn about one of our most engaging users, and we were amazed by her story.

Simone  is an award winning writer, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and mother. Some of her awards include the New England urban music award for best R&B artist, the Smiths Women's College Honorary Book Award, and even received a scholarship to Harvard University for bio-chem while still in high school. She is a firm believer that all of these amazing experiences were results of her mindset. She told me,



Her beautiful spiritual mindset began developing at a young age, her grandmother has told her she used to read people’s auras as a child. Her spirituality was furthered when she attended theology school, she described the experience as “the walls of religion being broken down.”  As a result of her studies, she chose to practice Buddhism believing that while some teachings can be contradictory, it is the most accepting and least judgmental religion she could find. “It teaches us that we are all connected,” she said, “I know I fall short of this, but i am trying to view others as one.”

While her spirituality has influenced her on all the life paths she has taken, she says everything always comes back to her writing passion. Simone focuses primarily on writing poetry, which is also to thank for her start in music, “I couldn’t find anyone else to sing my songs, so I did.” Regardless of how successful she was in music however, she was always sure to maintain her individuality. “I wanted people to know me as a person, as a sister, as a daughter, as a mother,” and she wanted her writing to still maintain its importance. She has been working on a poetry book for a year now, as well as beginning the challenge of authoring a children’s book.

Outside of her writing passion, she has found purpose through Pure Romance, a company that strives to improve the lives of women through bath, skin, beauty, and sexual health products. After hearing about it from a friend, she “got into it for the discounts,” she said laughing. “I loved the products, they are really healing- especially the skin care! It has so many amazing ingredients. Coming from a biochem background, I always read labels. Not only do the products include lots of amazing natural ingredients, they also have strong antiviral and healing components.” Someone called her to host a Pure Romance party two weeks into being a consultant, and within a few weeks she was one of the top ten sellers. Through Pure Romance, Simone is “able to teach people about women's sexual health and women’s empowerment,” she explained. “I want people to have good products, keep their personal power and love themselves.” A survivor of a dark time herself, she emphasized that she never wants to have her personal strength taken away from her again. She does this by helping others maintain theirs.




Through all of her accomplishments, Simone has maintained an amazingly clear sense of self. She told me about how each New Year, she sets an intention. 2016, she decided, will be the year of the voice. She chose this because she thinks “it's time to speak up, it's time for empowerment.” She loves to see people believe in themselves, but often finds there is too much ego. Instead “people should believe in themselves that they can make a difference.” She told me that she has found using Boomcast “refreshing” because it eliminates so much meaningless content, but also it emphasizes positive stories. “So much of news nowadays is depressing. People always loved my positive posts on social media, and now I have found a platform that encourages more of this.” She says she loves that it is “more than just posting a selfie, it’s about stories, it is enriching and enlightening, and genuinely creating  something meaningful.”




she said on the call, excited to use Boomcast to begin her “year of the voice”. She has started a Boomcast profile called Amazing Mornings, which she uses to post inspiring content each day- quotes, life lessons, tarot cards, positive stories, and more. We are so grateful to Simone for letting us into her beautiful, spiritual, and empowering world.


We at Boomcast, are so excited to be providing incredible and talented people like Simone with a platform to share their voice. We are looking forward to continuing conversations with our inspiring users and hearing their stories, their passions, and their goals. If you or someone you know has a story to share, reach out to us! And continue to broadcast it on Boomcast.


Follow Simone on Boomcast on her profile, A.M._w/SimoneIman, check out Pure Romance, and listen to Simone’s music here.