Ruby Veridiano has had what she describes as an “unconventional career path.” She was born in the Philippines, and raised in California, but her work has allowed her to live around the globe. During our call from her current office in Paris, she shared that while her experiences have seemed random, they have all shared a common thread: her passion and focus “has always been empowering women and creating positive social change.”


She began her career path working for a non-profit, sharing that it had always been “her dream,” yet she felt unfulfilled. Working on a large team towards a set mission seemed like it would be motivating, but instead she felt limited and restricted. She had always been averse to risk with student debt from putting herself through undergrad still looming, but she gave herself one weekend to pursue her passion- spoken word.


“A couple of my friends and I sat down and sent some press kits around to schools worldwide. I sent one to the American University Paris, and I thought they would never respond, but they were the first.”


This prompted her to continue with her work as a spoken word artist. She co-founded iLL-Literacy, a program created by artists to get young people involved in social issues through the power of creativity. She recognized the importance of her role being the only female member, saying,




She wanted to use this power to inspire confidence, and find a way to give them a voice. Her love for fashion, writing, and women’s empowerment translated into her creating the Glamourbaby Diaries (GBD), a writing workshop focusing on fashion, social change, writing and social responsibility. In addition, she worked as an arts educator with multiple non profits, as a TV personality, and as an author traveling around the world to present her art, workshops, and more.


Her journey came full circle when she ended up studying to get her masters at The American University Paris in socially responsible communications and purpose branding for the fashion industry. She delve into more work surrounding social responsibility with the Louis Vuitton parent group Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) where she was able to explore "many different layers" of the ways companies can give back to the community. This has continued to perk her interest in conscious consumerism and how to find brands that are operating in an environmentally and socially conscious way. She says it is important that “we do our part as consumers.”


Her studies and experience in the fashion industry inspired her to relaunch GBD with a workshop series touring around the US. “Finding your voice is such an important point in finding your confidence,” she claimed, “so many girls worry about the same things and have the same insecurities, it is important to realise that sometimes you don’t have to be an expert at something to succeed.”


With her whirlwind of passions and pursuits, she has had difficulty finding a platform that cares about what she cares about,




She says that Boomcast has helped her find a “tribe” of people that she feels can connect and make a difference on a deeper level.

If you want to hear more about Ruby’s amazing story, check out her site and look out for her broadcasting her empowering stories on Boomcast