Kaylin is a student and food lover with a serious passion for sustainable farming. She believes that since food is obviously necessary for survival, there is something beautiful about being connected to the earth, cultivating life from it, and then being able to give to other people in such a tangible way.

"I think we should be paying a lot more attention to our food and where it comes from. I guess I have this idea about leading a food revolution, where cultivating our own food will bring local communities together. There is something about farming that takes away societal hierarchies. When I’m working with others: planting, composting, watering, harvesting or weeding I feel like we are all on the same level, working hard for a common goal. I think that that with a few tools, some land, a little knowledge, and hard work, anyone can grow food! That is so cool."

After university she hopes to move to South America to learn all she can about sustainable farm communities. Eventually, she wants to bring back this knowledge and start her own farm community in the US as a model for living locally and sustainably. In order for our earth to survive and thrive, an important environmental shift needs to happen and education is the first step.

"Okay so I clearly love food. Another way that food plays a role in my life is through a food blog one of my best friends and I have called Feasting Females. We share our experiences with food, recipes and events that revolve around food. I know there are so many food blogs out there and I’m coming to realize that with the help of the internet and apps like Boomcast, we can easily share it. Food and the internet are some of our greatest unifying tools."

Follow Kaylin's blog Feasting Females and look out for her broadcasting her story on Boomcast.