Boomcast username: Irena


Irena is a writer and english translator from Macedonia who now lives in The Netherlands. She's one of the founders of the feminist group "Бори се женски".

“Бори се женски” or “Fight like a woman” is an independent, informal initiative, dedicated to promotion of gender equality through initiating a debate in the public sphere. The group was formed in 2012 and so far we have organized and took part in many events related not only to feminism but also with issues of different socially marginalised groups. Maybe one of the most interesting initiatives was the one called Women’s Archive, it was a live event of creating Macedonian article entries on Wikipedia for significant women in the Macedonian history and present day, that we considered forgotten or not recognized enough by the Macedonian internet society."

We also talked to her about the changing roles of self in society: self promotion, self confidence, and how they can help you find a balance.

"Growing up, my parents taught me that speaking about oneself in a boastful manner is rude and impolite and that, one gets recognized by society and people only through hard work. And not just my parents, I think the whole culture promoted this kind of values. Modesty was considered a virtue and self-promotion, bragging. I guess what I’m trying to say is that for me, that kind of self-exposure seems more unnecessary than strange. I can’t seem to fully understand how people don’t get fed up with themselves at some point and just take a break from always trying to present themselves in the best way possible. In my view, the best thing of growing up and maturing is the realization that taking yourself so seriously is not really getting you anywhere, once you realize that you are not the center on anyone’s universe but your self’s, things just start to appear more easy and relaxed."

Lastly, we asked her to share her stance on a very important topic: selfies. 

"Personally I’m not a fan of selfies and by that I mean I don’t like taking pictures of myself, by myself or someone else. But in a larger context, people’s desire to be admired and stand out from the crowd is very understandable and human. We all have this kind of needs; it’s just that some people are taking it to far. Posting a picture of yourself five times a day on the social networks seems kind of ridiculous and pathetic. Sure, everybody love them selves, but do you really think that showing that to the world gives you any kind of credit? I think it’s very important to have a balance, just like with everything else in life, knowing when to stop is a solution to much bigger problems than posting selfies 20 times a day. That being sad, I don’t support #bantheselfie for the simple reason that I believe in people practicing their freedom and I don’t like any kind of prohibitions and laws that take away the basic human rights, like taking a picture of yourself."