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After turfing in vet school for international development and environmental policy and management, Sophie decided it was time to go to New York to study acting (logical next step, no?). Throw in a couple of stints volunteering in Brazil and India it's safe to say she has her fingers in lots of pies. When not volunteering for Friends of the Earth or Beyond Zero Emissions, she can be found studying acting at Film TV studios in Melbourne and is in the process of publishing her honours thesis on the human right to water and sanitation in Mumbai slums.

Sophie finds Boomcast to be a wonderful tool, having her finger in so many pies at once.

"Boomcast enables me to keep in touch with my friends from home and those I've met overseas by posting really important pictures from my everyday life like my chickens eating hummus off my couch- but I'm also able to post and keep up to date about the issues I feel strongly about, such as environmental abuses or the asylum seeker situation."

We also asked her some questions...

Q: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

A: "I think a lot of issues stem from our default to see what's different about all the people we encounter, rather than seeking out our commonalities. I played a game with myself the other day where I found something I had in common with everyone I saw on the street- for example, the way they felt, held their shoulders, laughed etc. It was so much harder than you would think!"

Q: Social media can be all-consuming nowadays, and most people see this as a bad thing. Whats benefits do you see from social media? What do you see as harmful?

A: "Social media when used for its greatest potential is all about 1. Generating conversation, and 2. Mobilising the population. 

Firstly it means that we can find the people that love the same thing as us from anywhere in the world. 

Secondly, important issues such as environmental or human rights abuses can be brought to the fore, cutting out the power plays by large corporations that may be able to silence or warp the traditional media. Populations can mobilise easily, like we saw in Egypt.

I think the way that social media is consumed could be improved. It becomes dangerous when it is about shameless self promotion or consumption for the sake of not wanting to interact with the world around you. It can also present a facade of life that is simply not true in reality. More baby sloth videos would definitely improve things. Can I change my answer to the first question now!?"

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