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Semra was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently in her final year of the BA Fashion Management program at London College of Fashion. She has always had a deep interest in the fashion industry and style recreation, as well as a developing passion for art which she hopes to implement while working in luxury fashion marketing.

"Throughout the recent year, I got deeply interested in the concept of presenting fashion on a more artful and cultural level. For instance, fashion houses collaborating with various artists or setting up exhibitions about the history of the brand as well as opening foundation centers and expanding the idea of a fashion museum. All of these has been something that has brought incredible inspiration for me in order to take innovative approach for luxury fashion brands' marketing."

Q:Who is your favourite fashion icon and why?

A: "Unfortunately, I don't have one single fashion icon because there are fewstyles that are my favorite and there are a few icons that I think have a great interpretation of those styles (e.g. Caroline Issa and Jenna Lyons). However, the one that influences me the most would be Ece Sukan, since she has had a great impact on me since I was very young and was starting to discover the world of fashion. In Ece Sukan, I love the attitude she has while wearing any of her outfits during a fashion week or any party. She has this eclectic style where she can mix and match a very modern piece with anything vintage and make it look very up-to-date. Also, her style makes her clothes look very unique as if they were all made only for her. I love that (as opposed to mainstream images of bloggers or celebrities wearing the same piece on "who wore it better" pages). Additionally, I believe attitude is the key thing and Ece Sukan always inspires me with her confident and cool attitude. Therefore, you always get this feeling that she doesn't put much effort in styling her clothes because that is just the way she is and it immediately reflects on her visual taste. She can wear anything masculine and add this powerful feminine detail to make her outfit really stand out. To me, being an icon is having this signature attitude carrying your style, being a brand really. I love it."

Q: Were you able to wear what you want whilst growing up in Istanbul?

A: "I could say most of the times I was able to wear anything I want. To be honest, my personal style and the choices I make have always been changing while I was in Istanbul. Istanbul is a kind of a city where almost each area has its own sort of people with its own personality. Naturally, this has an effect on what people wear. Based on places where I used to live and hang out, I could always wear what I wanted. Yet, Istanbul Fashion Week and the Istanbul Moda Academisi (Istanbul Fashion Academy where I took my core fashion design certificate course) were the places that I was most confident with experimenting diverse styles. However, since I moved to London, my style has been evolving ever since because there is so much happening in this city and I feel like experimenting with different pieces of clothing is like your own way of responding to that. At the end of the day, regardless of where you live, it is all about your attitude. If you're confident, then you will always pull it off and inspire other people."

Q: What do you think is the most powerful thing about fashion?

A: "Fashion is certainly one of the most powerful things in today's world, especially with the influence of social media and other digital platforms. I think the most powerful thing about fashion is that today, although in a relatively small scale, the industry recognizes that people should avoid adapting one ideal image of beauty or style or anything else. We are given the message that we should be choosing what we like rather than being told what we should like. But obviously it is all about relying on the right sources. Naturally, I am still learning. However, in my personal opinion, the most powerful thing about fashion is that it lets you be whoever you want to be. There is such a great variety nowadays that you can choose diverse pieces and become a different individual everyday. As Rachel Zoe says, "your style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" Personally for me, style really depends on your mood, on who you want to be or feel like during that day, therefore the pieces in your wardrobe allow you to sort of "get on stage with your own choice of character".

There are many things that I am still learning about luxury fashion marketing. One of the greatest things that I really enjoy about luxury fashion marketing that it promotes timelessness (obviously it may change depending on the brand). And that pretty much emphasizes being confident with yourself and your style without having to adapt to every trend and fashion that is out there. 

I think in future, the democratization of luxury fashion such as the launch of more affordable lines of luxury brands will be something that will grow further in future since the idea of "buy less choose well" is being highly encouraged by sustainable consumers. Also relying on current performances of affordable luxury brands, there may be more luxury fashion houses, which will adapt this strategy to reach a new luxury consumer. 

As I said before, I am learning new things everyday. In future, it may likely to happen that luxury fashion marketing will be based mostly on the culture of the biggest market of the luxury consumers. It may be Far East countries, South East or maybe a completely new market. You can already see how the collections and catwalks of luxury fashion houses are influenced by Eastern or Russian Motives (e.g. almost every designer now has Asian models on its shows or a majority of luxury brands campaign include Chinese models: Fei Fei Sun or Du Juan) But I am also hoping that the idea of natural beauty will be highly preferred and encouraged."


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