I am frequently reminded how much I appreciate the friends and family in life that I can be real with; that I can open up to, speak my truths to, and that really hear me. As I have gotten older, I have realized more and more how important these kinds of relationships are. 


Lately, I have had the chance to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile while I have been away for work. We exchanged stories, frustrations, successes, and reveled in the scary, crazy, exciting moments in our lives. One thing began to really stand out to me as a consistent difference between those who are fairly content, and those who are reveling in life’s moments: the scary, the unknown, and the wonderful. As I was speaking with them and exchanging lessons learned, I found myself giving advice I haven’t necessarily taken myself. So here it is…


Being too fearful to commit to something wholeheartedly won’t allow you to succeed, it will only drag out the journey to eventual  failure. 


I heard this realization coming out of my mouth to multiple people dealing with different problems. I realized how it applies to jobs, passions, art, relationships, dreams, and a whole world of other situations.


I think that it ties back to us living in a very un-committal world at the moment. Instead of careers, people now frequently switch jobs. Authentic and long-lasting relationships seem to be something of the past. We are able to follow whims, and desires, and passions, which is an amazing thing! But, it also means we tend to act in fear of the unknown, and in fear of saying what we want and going after it with all we have.


By acting in this fear-driven way, we are not helping ourselves reach success. It becomes a drawn out road towards failure or fizzling out. Almost worse are the cases when the end goal is achieved, but the road was one of self-doubt, chances missed, and passion fading. Acting half heartedly takes the joy out of the successes. Yes, it can be scary and terrifying to fully throw yourself into something, but a confident and inspired person is far more likely to accomplish their goals, and if they don’t, to learn from what went wrong and remain empowered. It is not to say that passion and drive are enough on their own, but if you know you have given any dream your all, even in failure you are likely to come out with lessons learned instead of regret.


How can you ever know unless you try?


This theme is so prevalent in dozens of conversations I’ve had as of late, with people of all backgrounds and ages. It became a spark for me to analyze what it is that drives me, and plan out how I can reach my goals. The fire has started in me to take control, take responsibility, and take action.


What is it that drives you? What do you want to accomplish? 


Write it down. Tell it to a friend. Post it on Boomcast. Make yourself accountable! And then do it. Do not wait in fear of failure; use failure as motivation to give it everything you have. It seems to me that continuously, fortune favors the bold.




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