You guys, a lot has been changing in the world of social media lately. Yes, some of it has been scary and caused plenty of panic, but a few improvements, have well, actually been improvements. We thought we'd discuss some of the most trending updates across social media forms, and allow you all, to give us feedback on what you like and don't.


- new algorithm changes the chronological order of the feed, to a curated one

- the video time limit has increased to 1 minute, and can stitch together multiple video clips from your camera roll


- you can now use up to 420 characters, to provide the visually impaired with a description of your images


- stories now auto-advance

- chat 2.0 now has video and audio notes, video calls, as well as over 200 stickers

Boomcast (changes coming soon):

while Boomcast is still very new, we already have some changes taking place. Features such as categories dividing your feed, and an easier upload process are just a few of the things you have to look forward to. 


Tell us your opinions, and let's shape the future of social media, together!


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