It's extremely important for everyone to be knowledgable about their country's politics and what they, as citizens, have the power to do. There has been a lot of media coverage surrounding the 2016 American presidential race, and as it progresses, the candidates continue to advocate for strong changes in many areas of government. While we do not support one party over the other, the Democratic Iowa Caucus was interesting because of its result: a coin toss between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. 

We thought we would break down some of the differences between the two, to help you better understand some of the most front-running candidates this election season. Regardless of who you are voting for, make sure you do your research! We have the power to implement change. 


Hillary would like to give money to states through grants, allowing them to disperse money to institutions of higher education. Bernie on the other hand wants to make all public institutions free. How? By taxing Wall Street.


While she does not support legalization, Hillary does agree that the classification of marijuana should be lessened. Bernie thinks the states should have the power to decide. 


Hillary would like to keep Obamacare in place, but add an out-of-pocket payment cap on prescriptions. Bernie wants to see a new single-payer health care system put in place.


As the problems in Syria continue to expand, Hillary would like to train rebels to fight ISIS and supports implementing a no fly zone. Bernie disagrees opposing a no fly zone and removing ourselves from further involvement.


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