Berlin - the city where I lived one of best summers of my life, where I shared some of the best meals of my life, where I met some of the inspiring people of my life. 


Over the weekend, I participated in an exercise were you stare into a complete stranger's eyes for several minutes. At first it was very awkward - like sweaty palms - shifty eyes awkward. The thoughts - "do they think I'm hitting on them? Do they think I'm awkward? This is silly! Can we please switch partners now?" ran through my mind. At that point there was a couple of feet in between us. 


Eventually I was standing inches away from the face of another person - the kind of space that is rarely shared with anyone that isn't getting in your pantalones. 


At face value, we were so different. He was tall, from a different ethnicity, we dressed differently, we carried our space differently. 


A couple of minutes into this staring contest I started to think - Wow! I wonder if he has his mother's eyes? I wonder if he has his father's smile? I wonder who loves this person, who looks up to them, who teases them, who tells them they have pretty eyelashes? This is when I found myself in a complete stranger. He was so beautiful - a complete work of art!


After this we were asked to face a crowd of over a hundred people and to find ourselves in them. And I did. 


They love - I love. They fear - I fear. They dream - I dream. They know happiness - I know happiness.  Therefore I am them. 


I invite you to try to find yourself in a complete stranger. Yes, it'll be awkward AF at first. But maybe by doing so, we'll be able to end tragedies like the one in Berlin.


Lizette is a Boomcast Community Member and founder of The Vegan Haven. She shared this moving post across social media, including the Boomcast app, and we asked if we could feature it on our blog as well. We think her words of compassion and understanding are exactly what people need to hear right now.