At a work Christmas party last week I exclaimed, “I’m not giving Christmas presents this year!” and my entire table of 10 people cheered. I have a sneaky feeling that I’m not the only one being a lovely grinch this year. 


Let me backtrack to one of the most oddly memorable moments of 2016: The time a ten-year-old taught me the best word that sums up this year. Chances are, you’ll agree. I was lucky enough to be invited to join a beautiful American family on their spring vacation to Atlantis, the Bahamas. If you’re an American reading this, you may be aware that this is a dream destination for a child, it is water-park heaven! Well, I had made it to our final day, and I had slyly managed to escape the scariest slide of them all, until the ten-year-old literally forced me to accompany her. If this sweet little angel Caroline could do it, then I could too, right? After 30 minutes of waiting and hearing a countless amount of screams, there we were: standing on the top of the super steep pitch black waterslide, “The Leap of Faith.”  The butterflies kicked in, I started to get the shakes, but told myself, “Milly, don’t be pathetic. Take a deep breath, you can do this, it’s just a slide!” Caroline was to go first, and her tiny little body was shaking as she wrapped her arms around her body she looked up at me with the biggest eyes and even bigger smile, and said… “I’M NERVOUSCITED!” and off she went squealing away.


Arrrr that feeling you get when you slide down a waterslide that is over before you could even take a gasp of air! You land in the pool, a gush of water up your nostrils and BAM, it’s over just like that. Man, that was scary but the adrenalin made the wait and nerves so worth it!


NERVOUSCITED |nervous-cited|

adjective (nervousciter, nervouscitest)

1. the combination of feeling nervous and excited at the same time.

I was nervouscited | She looked nervouscited.


That “nervouscited” feeling pretty much sums up what 2016 was all about for me. Despite how nerve racking it felt jumping into the unknown and taking “The Leap of Faith” I did it because the excited feeling told me that it would all be worth it. And it was. It was a whole whirlwind of emotions, from running my first ever company; to being rushed to hospital for an anxiety attack; to literally crying in a sex meetup; to dancing at a morning sober rave party at the morning of the US election, and even feeling lost in love. Hands up (or like/comment) if you also had a year experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges? “A-HA, YUP!” - you’re probably thinking. Well, go us. Because do you know what? We’ve just gone up a level in life and gained new insight and growth that will allow us to soar in 2017! Because of this milestone of accomplishment, I will gladly now invite you to join me on the #2016WasToughSoIamNotGivingChristmasPresentsThisYearPleaseForgiveMeIStillLoveYou movement. Seriously, I don’t think I have any more space in my mind to think about what useless crap my father-in-law does not need. That’s another reason why I’m not giving out gifts this year. The amount of money we as a society spend on Christmas presents each year is a terrifying. If the average American spends $850 a year on Christmas presents, and if the population in the US is roughly 319 million people, that means as a whole the country spends $271 billion. That number just makes me sick! And how many of these gifts were actually “needed” let alone wanted. Pfft! What about the “unwanted gifts,” the junk that goes to trash, the waste of materials and the build-up of land waste… eek! Giving someone something that they actually need and knowing that they will be forever grateful for is special, I get that, but giving away materialistic things is a whole new unnecessary ball game. 


In addition to the ‘nervouscitable’ 2016, my conscious spending efforts, my thoughts for the environment, and thoughts for people actually in need; I also hold another little chip on my shoulder. You see, two years ago my parents separated on Christmas day (Australia), whilst I was in the UK; and last year I spent Christmas alone somewhere in the air between The Netherlands and Australia. I do not want Christmas to be known as the day my family split up. So this year, I can’t tell you how excited I am to go back to Australia and spend Christmas with my loved ones in a new way. The greatest gift I can give this year is to rekindle relationships and to make up for lost time. Whilst I’m not a Christian, I must admit that Christmas is always the perfect excuse to get together with your fam! Right, time to bring on the beach cricket, the shrimps on the barbie and the good times ahead. Have a wonderful rest of 2016 everyone, and get ready for 2017… it’s going to be beyond epic!  

Hugs and love,


PS I just want to make it extra clear that I do NOT want any gifts this year (other than love, bubbles, giggles and hugs), and Mum, if you’re reading this and have already got me something, I will love it regardless :-) 



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Like or comment if you also felt “NERVOUSCITED” this year, and do tell me if you know of a theme park that’s dedicated to life. “Leap of Faith” waterslide, “Rollercoaster of Emotions”, whatever... I’m down!


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