We have some kickass members in our Boomcast Community. You have read their stories, you have learned from their struggles, and you have seen their victories. We are incredibly proud that our amazing Community has, and continues to be a source of passionate voices from around the world. We are especially in awe of their compassion during trying times. This recent election stirred emotions in all of us. Regardless of who you chose as your candidate, in the wake of November 8th’s decision, we could all use some love. Here are some of our Community member’s words... 


We should feel our anger, mourn, pray, and then do everything we can to fight hate together." - May Boeve

If Trump was not elected we would not have had the chance to really look at what needs to be seen, the shadows of America. I urge us all to act with compassion and strength. To use this opportunity to make a real change.

I was reminded that we sometimes have to experience destruction before creation can take place.

Today wear a fun and good looking outfit. Listen to enlivening music. Call someone you love. Uplift each other. We have to use our energy to create change. Tears are there for the obvious pain and dysfunction of our nation. We need to unite to fight for what's good and right. I'm wearing sparkles today.



No matter the outcome, someone was going to be angry, felt defeated, write an angry post on Facebook, and/or threatened to move to Canada. No matter the outcome, someone was going to feel rejected by their country and utterly discouraged. And that, is a horrible reality...

However, what has pained me most is the division that has developed from this--the "I'm going to unfriend you if..."' and the "You should be ashamed if you vote third party..." etc. etc. etc. - STOP. Your fellow Americans are entitled to their opinion--we live in a democracy and we encourage diversity and openness. You don't have to agree or like it, but it is the reality.

So now, let's try our best to come together and embrace this moment for what it is. We can choose to be angry and scared, or we can try to build up our courage and see a light in the nervous tension. Let's spread the love, encouragement, and acceptance that is in our blood.

I keep saying "We will be fine", because it's the only option. What's the ladder? Put positive energy out into the universe and it will provide for you.

Stay educated, mindful, proactive, and look at things from ALL POINTS OF VIEW. It's important to see the other side of the coin and ask those tough questions that no one wants to ask. During this election, I did my best to constantly ask those questions, even if they were uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or opinions I truly did not resonate with, and those answers played a major role in why I'm going to keep going, working hard for my dreams, and provide for myself and others. Let's try to be proactive, not reactive.

I greatly admire Hillary for her conviction, determination, and dedication to her campaign and I do feel she accepted this defeat with class. I appreciate that she proves that a young girl can dream big and accomplish what she sets out to do. She has far from failed and hopefully, she recognizes that.

With that being said, I hope you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone--that there are outlets such as faith, community, and your own self-acceptance that will hold you dear and lift you up. Continue to give back to others and honor yourself, and you will always stay fulfilled and humble.

It will be OKAY! It really will. And as much as it frustrates me to ask...What if Trump is a good president? What if by some chance he provides for us? It's something that is possible, and I HAVE to see the positive, so that's what I'm going to do.

I hope you will, too.



Everything is an opportunity, even the most disenchanting instances. My existing commitment to social justice has been fueled immensely! 



I want to take this time to thank Secretary Hillary Clinton for her outstanding work as a public servant. You have done all you could, including breaking that ceiling. Yet it still wasn't enough to reach the top. I'm not upset, I'm just sad. I'm Sad to see how they treated you for just being a woman. I'm Sad to see how they've tried to dismantle an amazing organization helping people around the world. I'm Sad to see bigotry, hate, hypocrisy, sexism and racism prevail. All in all, it was an honor to join millions of volunteers who worked really hard for inclusions, tolerance, and love. I will continue to fight for those beliefs.

From Jp with love.



My mind is spinning. We have much work to do. I've been working on a passion project, originally meant to celebrate the election of the first woman president. But now, in light of the election of the fear mongering, sexist bigot, it is a platform for women all around the world to declare their power, share their stories, mentor and empower one another.

I would like to share the beta with you today.

Boss Lady Squad

OWN YOUR POWER: A declaration of badassery for the modern woman.

Now more than ever, the world needs you to own your power. Boss Lady Squad is a global movement to empower all who identify as women. Our products, real life stories, community, and mentorship provide the tools and inspiration you need to run the world.

Proceeds support our female education, training, and mentorship program. 



co-founder & CCO of Boomcast

At Happier World Conference this week I met people from different places, industries, and walks of life all working to make the world a better place. It is so difficult to comprehend that there are people whose versions of love look so different to mine. One thing I know is: The fight does not end here. Those that care to change the world must now work even harder to spread knowledge, strength, and compassion. Let this be fuel.