One of our users, Rohit shared his own commentary about the action that needs to be taken to foster a better world. His words were amazingly insightful, and we wanted to share them with you, so you might join his pledge to be a change-maker.


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin


Right from the time we take our first breath until we die, we are expected to struggle for survival. We are told that in this world, there is no place for anything less than survival of the fittest. The moment a baby is out from the womb, the doctor gives it a slap to stimulate the first breath. This action is the baby’s first experience with human-made (artificial) struggle that will continue for the rest of its life. However, as per recent study spanking is not required. Exposure to air soon after birth or mere suction of fluid from oral cavities serve as a stimulus sufficient enough to trigger the first breath, yet in the majority of countries, the spanking is still practiced. This further proves that struggle becomes a part of human existence right from the beginning of life. How cliche of the human species!

What happens in the next few years perpetuates this further. Parents are subject to social syndromes; like a disease they are pressured to have very high expectations of their child. They start putting different pressures on their children, comparing them and continuously evaluating them. In reality, they don’t want to force their kids to succeed, but they feel pressured themselves to push and encourage their children towards goals, without understanding the unique talents of the child. There is this desire to tell other people that their child is superior, and as a result, the struggle for children continues. This pressure comes not only from parents, but teachers as well. The current education system ensures that every student competes with each other without ever exploring their interests and capabilities as an individual. You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, can you?

We make children so confused about their goals in life, that once they are out in the world, they become brutal and selfish! In their journey of life, they lose contact with their inner consciousness. After losing this instinct, they perpetuate the cycle by believing this is how life should be lived. Becoming a successful, and in turn, “good” person is a journey full of anomalies, stress & pressure. Who can we hold responsible for destroying potential in this wonderful life? Do we want our future generations to be learned monsters, or do we want to create a future of better human beings?

We need to realize that just because something has been done for a long time, doesn’t makes it right. Have you ever thought why the number of people who feel lonely has drastically increased? We have become richer in wealth, but poorer in our emotions. Literacy levels have increased drastically in last decade, but so have the rates of elderly people put in care facilities. Are we providing right type of education to our children? GDP numbers of countries are growing, but peace and compassion are vanishing in all aspects of society.

It is time for a change, we need to build a more prosperous world!

We seriously need encourage introspection, right from the beginning. How we raise our kids will determine the kind of future generation we create.

I don’t have all of the answers to the problems above, but I know that we as a society can come together to generate change. We can encourage more personalized and holistic education systems, educating our children about compassion, kindness, and emotion, in addition to maths and humanities. We can encourage our youth to care about world issues, environmental problems, and politics, creating a generation of compassionate world leaders. We can broadcast more positivity and ways to take action, instead of focusing solely on the negative news. By changing our perspective, we can change the world.

I pledge to contribute in whatever small or big way to make this world a better place to live. Will you pledge with me? Pledge to be a change-maker with me and join the Army for Change on Boomcast. iPhone holders, starthere. For others, join our Facebook community.

Signed: Rohit Thakral