Oh, Hey Friends!

You know how Boomcast is trying to change the world? Not in like an evil-mastermind-way, but in a make-a-positive-difference kind of way. Well, we have some great news: some really awesome and impactful organizations believe in our mission! (See mom, I’m not crazy…)

Boomcast has released our new channels feature, giving you access to see what some of the most inspirational people and game-changing organizations are up to. Don’t worry, user generated content is as important as ever; it will always be the heart of the app! Now though, all of you passionate and inspiring people can also take action and make a difference directly from Boomcast. Whether it is signing a Change.org petition, finding a DoSomething.org project to participate in, or getting daily doses of inspiration from Jay Shetty’s blogs, you can find ways to get involved and help us change the world.

Make sure you follow the organizations that inspire you the most! Channels include:

Download the newest version of the app to join in the excitement!

Thank you all for your continued support, we are so happy to be on this journey with you.

Hugs, good vibes, high-fives and what-not,

Emily, Milly, Harrison & The Boomcast Team